Kol Ami of Boca Raton...

is a Reconstructionist congregation committed to tradition and the search for contemporary meaning.

Kol Ami is dedicated to building a rich and caring Jewish community. We are growing to meet the needs South Palm Beach County's diverse Jewish population, while maintaining a strong sense of community and belonging.

Joining Kol Ami means becoming part of a participatory organization. That means we work together to shape Shabbat and High Holiday services, education, and holiday celebrations. Our services are spirited and engaging, and our holiday observances respect tradition while openly confronting the reality of being Jews in the 21st century.

      Intimate                          Friendly                     Inclusive              

Reconstructionist Judaism...

defines Judaism as the evolving religious civilization of the Jewish people. Reconstructionism is both respectful of traditional Jewish practice and open to new interpretations and forms of religious expression.  Tradition has a vote, but not a veto.

Born in America as a response to the challenge of modem life, Reconstructionism  understands that we live in two civilizations, Jewish and North American. We strive to take the highest values from each and bring them to bear on one another. 

Reconstructionists believe that it is the responsibility of each generation of Jews to reevaluate, refocus and reformulate our traditions when necessary, so they will remain viable in today's world. By doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to Judaism and our sense of belonging to the Jewish people ... and we reshape the spiritual and cultural legacy we leave to future generations. 

For more on Reconstructionism see www.jewishrecon.org and www.

Comments from our Members:

"What an accepting group! We've got people  from all kinds of Jewish backgrounds."  

"Kol Ami is small enough so I can make a difference, yet big enough to feel comfortable  And no Building Fund!"  

"When we moved to Boca, we needed a place where we could make friends . . . we found it here."  

"As a single person, I really appreciate having Kol Ami as my extended family."  

"My husband is not Jewish but still feels comfortable at our celebrations." 

"The get-togethers are fun - warm and friendly."

"There's a passion at the services, whether we're singing, dancing, or praying." 

"The fact that I wasn't born Jewish doesn't seem to make a difference to anyone." 

"We look out for each other."

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