Kol Ami is a small and friendly Reconstructing Judaism community; the only one in this area. We are lay-lead and rent our space, allowing us to have minimal over-head costs and low annual membership fees. In this way we can provide a warm Jewish atmosphere while encouraging a participation level that is comfortable for each of our members. We associate with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia and for several years have had their students come to us for our High Holiday services that we offer to the general public. 

Some thoughts from Board members:

Adona- Elohen-, our eternal G-d, We mourn the violent deaths of eleven of our co-religionists, at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill Neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as they gathered together for prayerful observance of our weekly festival of Shabbat. While we are grateful for the swift response of the local law enforcement personnel, and for the outpouring of sorrow and sympathy expressed by so many of our fellow Americans of many backgrounds, we continue to share deep concerns regarding the lack of civility, and the resentments and the rage which we see and hear from many in our society today, and which appear to contribute to the increase of paranoia and fear, of suffering and cruelty and violence. Together, we pray for a swift and widespread return of the highest American values of tolerance and civility, of compassion and kindness, throughout our society. Ken yehi ratzon. May this be Your will, as it is our own. V’nomar Amen.  Board member, Rabbi Chaim Wender

We pray every Kabbalat Shabbat for a quiet time to be with friends and loved ones: to find freedom to meditate and to have the time and space to allow ourselves to see the infinite possibilities in the world around us. This past Shabbat it was not to be. One man – one man filled with senseless hate – felt he had to act on that hatred and now at least eleven people have lost their lives, eleven families are grieving with a grief that only a few of us can fathom, a community is reeling with fear and terror, and most of our nation is mourning. While there is nothing that we can do right now for our sister community in Pittsburg, we can look after each other. In the days ahead we will be inundated with news about what happened there. We will see the faces and hear the names of those who lost their lives. And a little of us will die with them because we are human and we have the empathy to see ourselves in their shoes. Please let us take this time to make sure that the people we love know that we care and love them. We can all reach out to each other so that no one feels that they are alone in this. That is what a community does. Vice-President, Bonnie Austin

Rabbi Steinhardt of B’nai Torah has announced that there will be a vigil on Tuesday night, 30 October, at B’nai Torah at 7 PM.  B’nai Torah is located at 6261 SW 18th St, Boca Raton, FL 33433, which is two traffic lights east of Powerline Rd on the north side of the road.

Additionally, Sunday night 28 October there will be a vigil and candidates forum at Temple Beth El in Boca located at 333 SW 4th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Do you have a child who is in need of Bar or Bat Mitzvah training? We can help. Leave us a message on the Contact page and we will get back to you.

We will make you welcome on your own terms.
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